Alpine Birds

Usually when we plan to spend a day in the mountains we think of the ski slopes, hiking or contemplating places of incalculable beauty, which are often under a white blanket of snow. Is there no bird in the mountain?

If there are, but except in the spring, it is usually difficult to locate them in these narrow places. A multitude of colorful birds, such as the gardener scribes or the Red-backed Shrike, can be seen in the valleys.

On our route we will continue ascending, to observe other birds such as the Red-billed Chough, the Thrush Charlo and Thrush Alirrojo, the Piquituerto, the Capuchin Herrerillo, the Carbonero garrapinos or the colorful Bluethroat

As for raptors we can see the silhouette in the sky of the Buzzard, the Royal Kite, the Griffon Vulture and with some luck we can see the huge silhouette of the Bearded Vulture

Duration of the activity: 4 hours / 7 hours (It will depend on the modality chosen)

Persons: Minimum 2. The available places will be completed with other reservations.

Total seats available: 6

Route price 4 hours: € 34 / person.

Route price 7 hours: € 54 / person

Member Conservation Entity: 10% discount. (Must be accredited by submitting the membership number)

Young (10-18 years old): 50% discount. (You must be accompanied by your legal guardian during the activity)

Group (3 people): 10% discount. Exclusive guide service: € 120, without car sharing with other reservations

​Available time: Winter / Spring

Includes: Transportation in vehicle with capacity for 6 clients, use of nature guides, insurance and taxes, information dossier of the activity, guide service, use of optical material (binoculars for each person) and telescope.

If you have any questions about the activity, you can contact us. / 606 669 203

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