Wetlands of the Dehesa

The slate and even granitic nature of the rolling plains, where the Salamanca pasture sits, makes the accumulation of groundwater scarce. This factor is aggravated, due to the scarcity of rainfall and the pronounced and long droughts of summer.

However, due to the importance of livestock in this region, in El Campo Charro, artificial ponds abound to help livestock, mainly cattle, such as the morucha cow and the fighting cattle. Thanks to this action, the numerous biodiversity of these meadows is also favored. Numerous amphibians, reptiles, mammals and birds use them to reproduce, feed, rest and quench their thirst.

The route consists of the observation both on foot and by vehicle of the deforested areas of this region, making several stops in the main wetlands. It is worth noting the Laguna del Cristo and the Laguna de la Cervera, very close to each other and that are the largest flooded area of ​​this region of the province of Salamanca. On its shores and shallow areas we can observe numerous species of wintering birds and it constitutes a resting area for shorebirds, especially in the migratory passages. It is also of special importance for sedimentation during the migration of spatulas and black storks.

Surrounded at all times by the central piece of the Salamanca pasture, the Encina, we intend with our route, to bring closer the natural values ​​that this ecosystem hides. From the wild fauna and flora, also through the culture, the uses and traditions of these beautiful landscapes. During our itinerary we will also find small deformed spots of cork oaks, gall oaks and even oak oaks.

These house species such as the Black Stork, the Black and Red Kites, Booted eagles and Short-toed eagles, the Black shouldered kite or the Black Vulture among others. As for wild mammals, we can find deer, roe deer, wild boar, mongoose and fox, and with a bit more luck, in addition, to numerous species of mustelids, such as the badger, the marten or the genet.

Duration of the activity: 8 hours

Persons: Minimum 2. The available places will be completed with other reservations. Total seats available: 6

Price: € 39 / person.

Conservation Entity Member: 5% discount. (Must be accredited by submitting the membership number)

Young (10-18 years old): 30% discount. (You must be accompanied by your legal guardian during the activity)

Group (3 people): 5% discount. Exclusive guide service: € 120, without car sharing with other reservations

Available season: All year round (recommended in spring)

Includes: Transportation in vehicle with capacity for 6 clients, use of nature guides, information dossier of the activity, guide service, insurance and taxes, use of optical material (binoculars for each person) and telescope.

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