The Great Bustard’s Wheel

During the spring months, one of the greatest nature shows takes place. We refer to the courtship of the heaviest bird capable of flying around the world, the Great Bustard (Otis tarda).

From the month of March, the great bustard males, called barbones by their long mustaches, try to appear more volume to attract the attention of the females. The cortege, called the wheel, is characterized by the fact that the males carry out demonstrations by inflating their air sacs, ruffling the feathers and raising the tail in the form of a fan. They also drop their wings to show the white color of their plumage.

[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”35″ display=”basic_thumbnail”]In this activity, we will visit the Natural Reserve of Las Lagunas de Villafáfila, which is the largest bastion in the world for the Great Bustard. In these steppes of cereal character, located in the region of Tierra de Campos, the highest density of the species is reached, with more than 2500 specimens in the reserve area according to the latest censuses.

[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”36″ display=”basic_thumbnail”]Also during the activity we can observe other birds that share habitat with this species, such as the Sisón, the Red Partridge, the Ganga Ortega or the Montagu’s Harrier and Pale Harrier.

Duration of activity:

Modality 1: 8 hours (approximately)

Modality 2: 4 and a half hours (approximately)

Persons: Minimum 2. The available places will be completed with other reservations. Total places available: 6


Option 1: € 57 / person.

Option 2: € 49 / person.

Conservation Entity Member: 5% discount. (Must be accredited by submitting the membership number)

Young (10-18 years old): 5% discount. (You must be accompanied by your legal guardian during the activity)

Group (3 people): 5% discount. Exclusive guide service: € 120, without car sharing with other reservations

Available time: March – April.

Includes: Transportation in vehicle with capacity for 6 clients, use of nature guides, information dossier of the activity, guide service, insurance and taxes, use of optical material (binoculars for each person) and telescope.

If you are interested in this route you can reserve it through Contact and reservations.

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If you have any questions about the activity, you can contact us. / 606 669 203


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