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Gonzalo Criado Alonso

Gonzalo is the founder of Erithacus-Nature Observation, he is a Technician in Forestry Work and Conservation of the Natural Environment.

His passion for nature and especially for the world of birds was a constant from very small, using at that time family binoculars and an old bird identification guide that was completed with the visualization, sometimes repeatedly, of documentaries from nature.

Later he visited the peninsular geography widely with his friends of hobby and family, knowing places as iconic as Monfragüe, Doñana or Daimiel, among others.

Of naturalistic vocation, founded in 2011 a blog about nature in which he is still writing at the moment and collaborates actively for several years with SEO/Birdlife in projects related to the study and conservation of birds. He is also a volunteer of the Las Dunas Wildlife Reception Center.


He is also a Leisure and Free Time Monitor, which added to his experience in the natural environment favors a high satisfaction in the activities, always taking special care that they produce the least impact on nature.

Finally, he is currently doing a period of scientific bander training and completing the studies of Superior Technician in Forest Management and the Natural Environment.

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