The riverside birds

A good plan at any time of the year is to take a walk observing the beauty of the riverside groves. His palette of colors changes throughout the year, from the spring greens to the ocher colors of autumn. Even in winter, when the deciduous trees are bare, they remain an attractive landscape. Alamedas, fresnedas and alisedas offer thanks to the understory an important shelter and food pantry for the small and medium birds that inhabit it.

During the winter season we will be able to spot common chaffinches and royal finches, common thrushes and redbirds, blackbirds, Great Tit, Minke, common accentor and also observe the graceful lugans feeding on seeds.

During the spring, we will find the different and restless species of mosquito nets, the common Zarcero, countless warblers of different species, the Cuco or the Golden Oriole.

In areas of marshy vegetation, we will find, for example, the Torral Warbler and the Patagonian Flycatcher collecting material with which it will build its incredible hanging nest.

Also during the route you can see many species that share habitat.

Duration of the activity: 4 hours (approx)

Persons: Minimum 2. The available places will be completed with other reservations. Total seats available: 6

Price: € 26/ person.

Member Conservation Entity: 5% discount. (Must be accredited by submitting the membership number)

Young (10-18 years old): 5% discount. (You must be accompanied by your legal guardian during the activity)

Group (3 people): 5% discount. Exclusive guide service: € 120, without car sharing with other reservations


Includes: Transportation in vehicle with capacity for 6 clients, use of nature guides, information dossier of the activity, guide service, insurance and taxes, use of optical equipment (binoculars for each person) and telescope.

If you have any questions about the activity, you can contact us. / 606 669 203

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