Urban birds

Although we do not realize it, we live surrounded not only by buildings, cars and businesses, but also by birds. Our cities have offered many species of birds a warmer place, safe against predators and where food is easier to get. Some species have managed to adapt so much to these means that sometimes it is not necessary to travel hundreds of kilometers to enjoy them.

On our route through the city of Salamanca, we will enjoy some of the species that inhabit this city so visited by its historical monuments. White storks, jackdaws, common and pale swifts, vulgar kestrels and coots, sparrow miller and even the peregrine falcon will be some of the winged protagonists.

Duration of the activity: 2 hours

Persons: Minimum 2. The available places will be completed with other reservations. Total places available: 12

Price: € 12 / person.

Member Conservation Entity: 10% discount. (Must be accredited by submitting the membership number)

​Available time: All year. Availability according to calendar.

Includes: use of nature guides, information dossier of the activity, guide service, insurance and taxes, use of optical equipment (binoculars for each person) and telescope.

If you have any questions about the activity, you can contact us.

erithacusnaturaleza@gmail.com / 606 669 203

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